Afikim Dog Kennels (F.C.I) are located in the north of Israel, on the scenic banks of the Jordan River - a short distance from the beautiful Sea of Galilee. A professional breeding establishment, Afikim Dog Kennels specializes in Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as family dogs, and in German Shepherds as working dogs.

Throughout its 20 years of existence, the Kennels have maintained a leading position among Israeli dog breeders, and have been awarded numerous breeding prizes by the Israel Kennel Club, I.K.C.
The founder and manager of the Kennels is Mr. Yaniv Osem. With his vast knowledge and endless dedication, Yaniv has kept the place operating in full swing from its very inception.

A professional dog-breeder, Yaniv's expertise is recognized both in Israel and abroad. Born and raised in Kibbutz Afikim, Yaniv is the quintessential successful Kibbutz member, who turned a fragile dream into a prosperous reality.
The kennel staff consists of qualified dog trainers, dog barbers, nursery caregivers, animal behavior therapists, youth camp counselors and the administrative staff.
With infinite patience and humor, doctors Avi Ram (D.V.M) and Nir Alpert (D.V.M) provide professional veterinary services to all the residents of the Kennels. 

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