Implementing a new training approach which encourages the dog's cooperation, our qualified trainers teach basic obedience commands and treat behavior problems as needed. The Kennels' experienced trainers also handle more severe behavioral issues such as aggression, biting, and post-traumatic stress disorder in dogs.
As you go about planning your next vacation, there is one item you can definitely cross off your to-do list: where to leave your beloved dog. While you are vacationing in faraway lands, your furry friend will be enjoying a fun-filled holiday at the Afikim Dog Motel. 
The motel is located in a tranquil countryside setting, where all four-legged residents enjoy daily walks, excellent food, around-the-clock veterinary care, and constant TLC! Facilities for small dogs, dogs with special needs, as well as facilities for females
in heat are available on-site. 

Dog Training for Obedience

Dog Motel

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