Retrievers, German Shepherds and Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel pups - all kennel Club registered -  are sold at Afikim Kennels all year round. Of course, all transactions first need to be coordinated with the pups' mothers and their respective schedules… 

Pedigree Pups for Sale

The Vision

A great deal has been said about dog breeding.
In my case, the guiding principle was to establish a breeding kennel with a goal, a kennel which would be active for many years to come and be suitable for diverse dog breeds; a kennel where the dogs would not only be admired for their beauty or for their friendly demeanor, but would serve the community and benefit children as well. A place where the dogs would have a purpose.

Our Dogs

There are currently over 20 champion dogs in the Afikim Kennels who win numerous shows every year. All breeding dogs work in educational and rehabilitation institutions. The dogs that mate - both males and females – meet the required breed standards. 
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